Galbraith suggests problems with the “5D Mark II”

My job is certainly not an easy one, I can tell you that. You simply can’t begin to image the amount of email I get from photographers everywhere, asking for help, tips, complaining about issues, etc. Some days, everything just goes very well, and some days, like today, I suddenly get a message from someone that completely ruins the rest of my day.

It looks like Galbraith still isn’t satisfied with all the problems he caused us this year. Screw it, i’m not going to write about it now, here’s a screenshot of the conversation I had with him today. I think it speaks for itself:

Notice how he went completely silent in the end. Stupid coward. I hope you’re reading this Rob! Don’t make me post the other chatlogs too, you moron!

I’m going to get me a cappuccino now and lie down for a bit.

19 thoughts on “Galbraith suggests problems with the “5D Mark II”

  1. ~I thought you wanted the feedback~
    ~you’re going to turn this into a debacle, aren’t you?~
    (now journalistically offended) ~you need to check this before release~
    ~you’re a saboteur working for Sony or Nikon! Confess~

    Frankly, I’d have “hung up” too.
    If you shoot the messenger when your products don’t work, then there’s evidently a Japanese concept that is offensive:
    Standing With The Customer.

    If you insist that it was the REPORTERS OF THE PROBLEM who are the problem, with the Won’t Focus Right Mk III cameras, then I’d question your competence/integrity.

    In customerland, if you demand $8000 for a body, and it won’t work right, and you blame the reporters of the problem, and insist that the solution is to keep buying your products until you get around to making something that works correctly…

    Then maybe you’re committed to earning a corporate Darwin Award?

    Man, as much as I want to like you, with your sense of humor and your willingness to “stand forward” a bit, bringing the “inside” view closer to our side, OBJECTIVELY LOOK at what transpired there, look at it from the perspective of a customer who just spent tons of resources, both money & time, studying what Canon has just sold them..

    From the fcked focus in both Mk IIIs, the stonewalling method of dealing with it, and the murder-the-messengers attitude shown against a number of individuals, lately, I’m getting very wary of Canon as an ally.

    How much should I trust ’em?

    Nikon’s no better, with their goddamn Microsoft RAW format.

    Sony’s no better with their Proprietary Everything Enforcement program.

    So, AS SOON AS some company ( Panasonic? maybe ) produces Capability, Integrity, and Standing With Customer ( Japanese Style, not Institution-style Obedient Silent Customer ), then they’ve scored my loyalty.

    Sorry, man, but what you think your screen-cap shows, isn’t what we see, and you may simply be in need of a holiday ( getting away from the corporate-owned-viewpoint ), in order to see what we feel to be obvious.

    Does this mean I side with Rob Galbraith? ( if that’s him – galbright )?

    Not necessarily.

    His pushing of his article shows he’s as blind to your perspective as you are to his, but Attack The Messenger: There Must Be No Problem is insane, and the market *always* retaliates against that kind of corporate stance.

    ( take a look at the loss of marketshare of HP, after they outsourced their core business… — “too big to fail” isn’t a concept Nature recognizes )

    Cheers, blessings, good luck, but you’re on your own.

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  3. Captain Obvious-

    Thank you for your response. Let me assure you that we’re doing everything we can do take care of the problems here at Canon USA. It’s not always easy to convince Canon Japan though, but rest assured that I’m personally on the case. Please continue to be vocal about this, keep complaining and as they say, “vote with your wallet.”

  4. Wow, talk about sucked in!! Some people need to be more discerning as to what they believe at face value.
    I do however believe some of the invented technologies mentioned by fcw will actually materialise in the 5DmkII or whatever it will be called. Perhaps I too am sucked in!

  5. Notice the “ad” in the bottom:

    “Autofocus that works. Buy Nikon D700 today!”

    This combined with the total irony of the whole site, leads me to believe that this is all fraud.

    Maybe – maybe-not, the specs are true, but this site is most obviously a spoof!

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