“5D Mark II” Marketing Campaign Rocking the Internet

I’m extremely happy with how our marketing campaign for the new “5D Mark II” is being received around the Internet. People are talking about it, people are searching the Internet every second for new information and technical details, emotions are running high, it’s simply marketing at its best. My compliments to our marketing department. Yes, as the technical adviser for Canon USA’s professional products marketing division I contributed too, of course. However, as usual, Japan didn’t listen to all my ideas, but I’ll come to this later.

People are even going so far as to use advanced imaging techniques to alter the images from our teaser animation, to try and squeeze every bit of detail out of it. What impressed me the most was the picture I found on this thread on DPReview:

5D Mark II

"5D Mark II"

The above picture was the result of running the blurry picture which I posted a few days ago through software called “Focus Magic” and the results are pretty nice. I was so impressed, I immediately sent an email to Yoroku, Sunichi and our engineers in Japan to check the possibility of including “Focus Magic” in our next firmware update for the 1D/Ds Mark III and future products. Notice how it managed to bring back the “5D” out of the blurry picture. Amazing. Galbraith is going to love this.

Bradley Cooper and Chase Jarvis - Seperated at birth?

Bradley Cooper and Chase Jarvis (right) - Seperated at birth?

But anyway, even though I’m pleased with our marketing so far, I still feel that we should have used a more modern approach at the same time. Like what Nikon did with that guy called Chase Jarvis. They gave him a D90 to play with and the guy started raving about it on his blog and it generated a lot of buzz. And they made the right choice too. Have you seen that guy? He has this overly energetic appearance. It’s almost like he’s high on crack 24/7. He could get you excited about anything! I look at him and feel exhausted within seconds. You simply can’t keep up. He reminded me of that guy played by Bradley Cooper in the movie “Wedding Crashers.” If you’ve seen Wedding Crashers, you know what I mean. Maybe we should hire him to positively influence public perception of the 1D Mark III.

But back to our “5D Mark II” marketing efforts. I’ve gotten some emails from people suggesting that the atmosphere at both Nikon and Sony is very tense right now, and gets even more tense with every day that we get closer to the official launch. The situation there has been described to me as sitting on death row waiting for their execution.

And let me tell you, they have every reason to be afraid. As I type this, major publications around the world are already trying out their sample of the “5D Mark II” and preparing their previews. We’re going to set the standard for the next few years this week. Regardless of what Galbraith says. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on ““5D Mark II” Marketing Campaign Rocking the Internet

  1. ahahaha… ‘Focus Magic’ built into firmware? LMAO once again!
    It really makes me believe u’re the funniest and most creative-thinking guy, FC! 😀

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