This is not usually me.

This is not usually me.

Hi there, welcome to my blog. I’m not actually Chuck Westfall. I thought it was about time that I had my own blog on the Internet so I could communicate a little better with all the photographers out there, instead of just relying on other sites to post my articles once in a while.

I’m going to use this blog as a platform to let you all know what I’m up to, what Canon is up to, and to talk about all the new gear we’re going to be releasing soon. So stay tuned for some exciting posts!

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi there Not-Chuck.. Can I call you NC for short!? Nice site.. and I’m sure Chuck won’t be too peeved at your site.. I’m actually sure he is just as frustrated as you make him sound, with Canon fumbling the so often of late. As for your canon info.. PLEASE bring it on! We are all curious as to where they’re going..seeing as we can see plainly what Sony and Nikon are up to.. and they are into some serious competition! Cool site, keep it up NC..


  2. As President, COO and CEO of Nikon I would like to say that we at Nikon are NOT afraid of Canon. It did take us 3 years to defeat the Canon EOS 5D but we are here to stay.

    Forget the countless years of lousy ISO noise and awkward camera bodies, those days are over Fake Chuck! We’re ready to compete with you, last year we released our version of the tilt shift lens too compete with the ones Canon has had for years.

    We don’t care about your 5D MKII specs, our next flagship the D950 will have ISO 256,000 with noise levels equal to that of the D3 at ISO 100. It will be higher then 50Megapixels and shoot a burst of 200 JPGs at 1/5000 shutter. I don’t care if you know these specs, when you and the rest of the world find out what Nikon has cooking you’ll all put your Canon’s down.

    I also want you to know we didn’t need Sony’s help to finally build a reasonable camera. Sony just begged us to build the the CMOS, they offered to do it for free you know.

    I condemn your site Fake Chuck Westfall, you are no match for Nikon! Muhahahaha.

  3. Shouldn’t that be “I know who I am not, thank you”? Or even “I know who I am not not”?

    Anyway, I hadn’t heard of your blog until the take-down-notice, but now I am going to read it. Man, go Streisand effect. They ought to know better by now…

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