Tech Tips

Most of you already know that I’ve been publishing a “Tech Tips” column on The Digital Journalist for quite a while now. This has been a monthly column so far, and since I have my own blog now I was thinking of publishing some more tech tips here on my blog on a weekly basis where I can respond to your questions more quickly.

So if you have any questions (it doesn’t have to be technical), just email them to me at and I will post the answers here on my blog every monday in my Tech Tips. This should provide everyone with something to look forward to reading when they arrive at work in the morning. Please note that I can’t always comment on future products that haven’t been announced yet, although I might bend or break the rules sometimes, depending on my mood that day.

Oh and, I’ll still continue to do the column over at The Digital Journalist. I don’t feel comfortable letting them down at the moment.

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