EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens

I finally got my production-quality copy of the new EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens today, and I’m disappointed. I can’t tell you how frustrated I am right now. Everytime we get a shipment of new gear from Japan, I have to pray that I get a good working copy to test.

As soon as I attached the lens to the 50D body I have in my office and took a picture, I noticed that the picture was soft. After some quick tests, I was able to confirm that the lens was backfocusing significantly. Right now the lens is already on its way to our local service facility to get checked. I just sent a rather serious flame email to Canon Japan about this. I’m not very hopeful though, Fujio hasn’t been answering my emails for a couple of months now after our argument.

Sometimes I just feel like quitting my job. I try to encourage everyone to use our gear, but how am I supposed to sound confident doing that, when even I can’t rely on the gear I get from Japan?

18 thoughts on “EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens

  1. Large-aperture L lens BACK-FOCUS on prosumer body? Sounds like so familiar. My brand new 24-70/2.8L and 16-35/2.8L both have that same-old same-old phenomena on 20D-40D… Now 50D has that fancy ‘micro-AF-adjustment’ feature, does it actually work?
    Anyways, thanks for the ‘insight’ of 24/1.4L II, I’ve been waiting for it to be my first L prime after owning 4 L zooms… 😉

  2. …why did you send it when the 50D has the MA function that the 1D series bodies are known for possessing?

    this really makes me question the legitimacy of anything you have said (or will in the future, for that matter).

  3. saiminyaku-

    The microadjust feature on the 50D can only be used for very slight adjustments to correct focus errors. This copy of the 24mm lens was so badly calibrated that microadjusting it wouldn’t make any difference.

  4. I used to think it was a conspiracy from Canon HQ in Japan to see if I’m actually checking the gear they send me, but after receiving thousands of emails from people using our gear and complaining, I now know it’s just a quality control problem in Japan.

  5. Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for the heads up on the new lens. I know how its like having to sound confident when you’re getting such crap gear from Japan. But don’t quit yet! We need u to keep up the pressure on Canon Japan..

    Hang in there!


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  7. I am a Nikon-shooter, but now when the 5D (the old) is down in price I am thinking about this lens, and buy both, and then have the 5D with the 24L, II – as an extra camera, so I am “happy” for this honest review – hopefully this can push Canon to better IQ – it is a problem I often read – also at Nikon, but it seems, that I often read it for Canon – maybe it is because, there are more Canon-shooters, but the buttom line is:

    If we do not have you ….writing such things, they will never learn, so thank you very much.

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